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Smile Makeover

Smile design is a dental procedure that artistically creates straighter, whiter and more beautiful natural looking smiles.This can help restore your dental health and appearance regardless of the original state of your existing teeth.

Who is a candidate for smile designing?

  • Age causes teeth to wear chip n discolor this may lead to embarrassment while smiling.
  • Smile design can take years off your appearance making you look younger and boosting your self confidence.
  • An individual who cares about how they look and wants a better smile are a candidate for smile designing.
Care to be taken after smile designing
  • Maintenance is the key. Hence a strict oral hygiene routine should be followed.
  • Brush twice a day, floss once a day, use mouthwash and make sure you visit the dentist twice a year.
  • In case of veneers, one should try and avoid cutting or biting on extremely hard items.
  • If you are undergoing orthodontic or aligner treatments make sure you show for regular follow-ups
  • In case of sensitivity post tooth whitening, once should use sensitivity toothpastes or a fluoride rinse would help
Factors affecting smile designing
  • While designing a smile a variety of factors are taken into consideration like tooth color, tooth size, tooth shape, tooth position, lip position , gum position, gum color and more.
  1. Tooth colour – yellowishness of the teeth or staining due to tea coffee smoking can affect your smile. A white smile gives a younger appearance. Generally the tooth color is selected in accordance with your skin tone skin & hair colour. Procedures that can help give you a whiter smile include teeth whitening, veneers and crowns.
  2. Tooth size – For an ideal and aesthetic smile the golden proportion is followed. If the size of your teeth do not correspond to golden proportion and the tooth is too small or big is can be modified using composite, veneers or crowns
  3. Tooth shape – sometimes genetic and environmental factors lead to abnormally shaped teeth for example peg laterals. This hampers the look of your smile and can be corrected using veneers or crowns
  4. Tooth position – forwardly placed or blocked out teeth can lead to an unapplealing smile. Similarly crowded and spaced teeth hamper the look of your smile. These can be corrected using braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Missing tooth also affects the smile and can be replaced by a dental implant or bridge.
  5. Gum position – the amount of tooth show i.e. the white portion of the crown seen affects your smile. Longer teeth give a more youthful appearance. The position of the gums can be modified using procedures like crown lengthening. Gummy smiles are often corrected by this procedures to show more of the white tooth.
  6. Gum colour – just like our skin the gums may have a more blackish coloration affecting your smile. In such cases depigmentation procedures are done to get nice pink gums and a beautiful smile.
  7. Lip position – Normally the upper teeth follow the arc of the lower lip. In case the teeth need to be pushed back or adjusted in height this can be done too with braces or Invisalign and in some cases with veneers and crowns
Dental procedures done during smile designing
  • Smile designing is actually a culmination of one or more procedures mentioned below to achieve the best smile
  1. Dental veneers – these are laminates placed on the front surface of the teeth. These are generally made of porcelain and can sometimes be made from composites too. Veneers help change the colour shape and size of the tooth. These are mainly used for the front teeth
  2. Crowns – unlike veneers crowns cover all surfaces of the tooth and are generally used in the back teeth. Crowns like veneers can help change the color shape and size.
  3. Dental implants – these are used to replace missing teeth. Can be used for one or multiple.
  4. Teeth whitening – teeth whitening removes stains on the outer surfaces of the teeth and brightens the teeth. Two types of procedures are done – in office bleaching and home bleaching.
  5. Crown lengthening procedure – this is generally done using lasers or blades. A very thin portion of the gingiva is trimmed to achieve more pleasing gum profile and more tooth show
  6. Depigmentation procedure – this is again done using lasers or blade and can convert your blackish gums into nice and pleasing pink gums
  7. Orthodontic treatments – a variety of options are available today with respect to braces. The most advanced form include Invisalign or clear aligners. This helps us achieve an ideal alignment as well as position of the teeth with respect to facial structures like lips.
  8. Composite – tooth colored materials are sometimes used. These are micro mechanically bonded to the teeth to alter color size or shape. However these can stain or chip hence not used in load bearing or highly aesthetic areas

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