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What is Denture?

False teeth are generally referred to as dentures or prosthetic teeth. They are custom-made to replace a person’s lost or diseased teeth. The dentures, which are custom-made for each patient, fit securely in the mouth cavity and are properly supported by the soft and hard tissues that surround them.

  • A little brief about it:

A ‘full denture’ replaces all of the teeth, whereas partial dentures fill in the gaps left by losing teeth while also preventing other teeth from shifting locations. Complete dentures are divided into two types: “instant” and “conventional.” In the case of an instant denture, the replacement teeth are made on the same day as the natural teeth are removed. This type of denture protects the tissues while reducing the risk of bleeding following tooth extraction. In the traditional method, the gums must recover for 8 to 12 weeks before a denture may be inserted in the gap. The replacement may take longer, depending on the dentist’s suggestions.

Different types of dentures are available.

Partially or completely removable dentures are available. The sort of dentures utilised will mostly be determined by the individual’s personal requirements.

  • Partial Dentures!

When a patient simply has a few missing teeth, partial dentures are employed. They can be removable or fixed, and the patient is usually given the option to select between the two. If a patient has only one or two teeth missing due to an accident or rotten teeth extraction, the dentist will almost certainly recommend a fixed partial denture in the form of a ‘crown & bridge’ combination. The bridging tooth is inserted into the gap left by the lost tooth, and the associated crowns are secured to the tops of the teeth on each side. The appliance has been firmly fixed in place.

  • Complete Dentures!

Complete dentures are used when the entire set of teeth on either the lower jaw (mandibular arch) or the upper jaw (maxillary arch) or both has to be replaced.

There are four different types of full dentures.

Standard dentures, instant dentures, implant-retained dentures, and Cu-Sil dentures are the types of dentures available.

  • Standard Denture:

Standard dentures are designed for persons who have lost all of their teeth. A set of regular dentures takes roughly four appointments to fit comfortably.

  • Dentures that can be worn right away

These are often referred to as temporary dentures because they are made before the original teeth are extracted. The instant dentures are ready for fitting after one or two appointments with the dentist.

  • Dentures made of Cu-Sil

The holes in the Cu-Sil denture are encircled by a stable silicone rubber gasket that sticks to the natural teeth, allowing the rest of the denture to rest on the gums. Cu-Sil dentures thus aid in the stabilization of loose teeth and the extension of their lives.

  • Dentures with implant-retained dentures

A titanium ‘screw’ is placed into a hole drilled into the underlying bone to anchor the position of the tooth with dental implants. The denture is anchored on the implants making it a semi fixed option of tooth replacement.

What is the best way to take care of a denture?

Denture adhesives are sometimes recommended by dentists, especially for first-time denture users. This adhesive helps to restore the wearer’s confidence by improving the stability and retention of restored teeth.

If you follow the suggestions below, your dentures will last longer.
  • Remove the dentures and brush them with a denture cleanser on a daily basis.
  • To sanitize the replaced teeth, do not use boiling water because the denture material may change shape.
  • If you have a partial denture, you should remove the substituted teeth before brushing your natural teeth.
  • The replaced teeth should be soaked in water or a denture wash while not in use.
  • To avoid misplacing your denture, keep it in the same spot it was taken out.


Is it okay to sleep with your denture on?

It is preferable to remove your denture and immerse it in a cleansing solution while you sleep. You can also soak it during the day because it has been discovered that soaking for at least eight hours helps the gum tissue rest and stimulates and cleanses the saliva and tongue in a normal manner. This is beneficial to the gums in the long run.

Important things to think about
  • Support, stability, and retention are three crucial variables that influence the denture-wearing experience.
  • Dentures are held in place by the underlying tissues and gums, commonly known as the oral mucosa, which prevents them from migrating vertically and deeper into the corresponding arches.
  • Stability refers to the denture base’s capacity to resist movement in the horizontal plane, either sideways or forwards and backward. The more the denture base is in contact with the edentulous ridge, the more stable the denture will be.
  • A ridge that is taller and wider will provide more stability.
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Regular dental checkups are required so that the dentist may check for the presence of any disease or problems. With the passage of time, dental adjustments or denture remakes may be required.


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