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Dental Filling

Dental filling is a restorative treatment option used to treat decayed or damaged teeth or teeth with minor fracture or loss of tooth structure.

Types of dental fillings

Various materials are used to fill the damaged or decayed parts of the teeth

  1. Metal – metals like silver n gold were used in the olden days. Gold was preffered over silver as it was stronger and could withstand high chewing forces
  2. Amalgam – this is basically a combination of metals with mercury. Its is highly researched and widely used. It has a very high strength and lasts for decades however extensive tooth preparation is required.
  3. Composite – this is a tooth coloured filling which chemically bonds to the teeth. Used when the patients aesthetic concerns are high and doesn’t want the filling to be seen. Since it bonds chemically to the tooth structure only conservative preparations are required and hence saves a lot of good tooth structure. It does not possess the same strength as amalgam and may wear with time
  4. Porcelain – it is best used for aesthetic concerns. Covers large areas of the tooth and does not stain or wear easily
When should you get a dental filling done?
  • A chipped or broken tooth either due to trauma or grinding
  • If there is a constant problem of food getting stuck in your teeth leading to pain or sensitivity
  • Sensitivity to hot & cold or sweet foods
  • If you notice a blackish discolouration of your teeth
What is the procedure of dental fillings.
  • Firstly the tooth is examined by the dentist using a dental probe or caries detecting liquid. Sometimes IOPAs are take to know the extent and severity of the decay.
  • In case the decay is quite extensive , Local anaesthetic is administered to numb the affected tooth and surrounding area.
  • The decayed or damaged portion is cleaned and removed and the surrounding structure is prepared to receive a dental filling
  • Depending on the patients history aesthetic preferences cost and various other factors the dentist decides which material should be used.
  • Once the filling is done , the last step is to adjust the bite and polish the filling.
What care should be taken after a dental filling
  • If an anesthetic was given care should be taken not to bite the cheeks n lips as it may lead to ulceration
  • A feeling of newness or slight soreness may be experienced
  • Extremely hard and sticky foods should be avoided
  • In case of pain or persistent sensitivity post procedure contact your dentist.
  • Oral hygiene measures should be followed thoroughly- brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, flossing, and use of mouthwash as prescribed by the dentist


How long does a filling last

This varies with the type of filling done. On an average the filling lasts for about 10-20years

Will the filling come out

The filling does not come out. In vary rare cases where the tooth may again develop decay on other surfaces leading to the filling getting fractured or com ing out.


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