Dental Crowns

A Dental Crown, which is also commonly referred to as a “Cap” is placed onto a tooth to build back a damaged or decayed tooth. It is custom-made i.e. each cap is meticulously designed to accurately fit that particular tooth. They help by providing strength, better looks to the teeth and also help you to chew your food. A dental crown may be made of completely of ceramic, completely of metal or a combination of both. The crown most suitable for your condition will be suggested to you once your examination is done by the dental surgeon.


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Crowns are frequently necessary for the following scenarios:
  • Big cavities that can not be filled.
  • Missing teeth where a bridge is needed.
  • Placed over dental implants.
  • Broken, worn down, or weak teeth.
  • Over a root canal treated tooth.
  • Aesthetic reasons like discoloured or terribly designed teeth.
  • Crowns can also be used in pediatric dentistry; for example, if primary teeth have actually been deccayed.
Types of Dental crowns.

Various types of products can be made use of in crowns, including:

  • Porcelain.
  • Ceramic.
  • Zirconia.
  • Metal.
  • Composite material.
  • A combination of materials.
When Is a Dental Crown Required?

There is a range of reasons for a crown, however, these are the four most common situations:

  • Factor # 1: When a client needs a root canal.

When a tooth has become irreparably decayed or contaminated, a dentist will usually recommend a root canal. When the root canal is finished, the tooth tends to become brittle and more prone to fracture. Hence, a crown is placed to strengthen the weakened tooth.

  • Reason # 2: For cosmetic reasons 

If a tooth is damaged or blemished, its appearance can be improved with a porcelain or ceramic crown. If a patient has a noticeable dental filling, a crown can be utilized to cover it up, also.

  • Reason # 3: When a tooth is broken or chipped.

Fractured teeth typically require a crown because the framework of the tooth goes to threat.

As a result of enhanced sensitivity, a split tooth can be very uncomfortable, so a crown provides relief, all while making the tooth a lot stronger.

  • Factor # 4: After Dental implants 

Think about an Dental implant as a substitute for a tooth missing its roots. In this situation, a crown can replace the missing tooth. When the dental implant is placed into the jawbone, the crown covers the top of the implant, allowing the client to chew generally. The crown is part of a permanent reconstruction. You have numerous options when it involves crowns. There’s no such thing as one crown fits all, yet some kinds might attract you more than others. Ultimately, it’ll likely come down to your specific needs. Reserve a consultation at Ekdant Dental Center concerning the most effective kind of crown for you as well as your oral needs.


Dental Crowns in Surat

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