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Frequently Asked Questions - Dental Clinic near me

It is advisable to have a dental check-up every six months, or at least once a year. The regular check-ups are done by a professional dentist; it’s more like a routine check-up; they do the cleaning and resolve any dental issue if you feel to face, for example, gum pain and tooth decay. Since many people deliberately delay their dental check-up just with the thought that everything is fine with their teeth and they have no issue. Here we are going to debunk some common myths related to dental health problems.

Doctor asked to visit every six months or at least once a year. No matter whether you are having any dental issues or not, it’s good to get yourself checked once. You don’t have to wait for the problems; you have to resolve them before they start.

Mouthwash should be done only if required; we often asked our patients to do saltwater rinses daily to keep teeth strong and shiny. Oral care is important; you don’t need to get any mouthwash from the pharmacy; use the one only which the doctor prescribed.

Yes, it’s completely normal to experience a moderate sensitivity. When you do brush, it removes the tartar and debris from the teeth; hence it takes a while for the teeth to adjust to such change. Sensitivity will fade over time, leaving them fresh and healthy gums.

Cosmetic dentistry includes various procedures, which are aimed to improve the facial aesthetic. Along with this, it also improves the appearance of dental structures, such as the teeth and gums.

A various procedure that is done for a beautiful smile is Tooth Whitening, Veneers, Bonding, Dental Crown and Cosmetic Gum Sculpting and Recontouring.

  1. Tooth Whitening General Cause of discoloration is smoking, tea/coffee, or not doing the brush properly; for such patients, a cosmetic dentist applies a very safe agent to those results in dissolution of the stains, bringing whiter and shinier teeth.
  2. Veneers – Veneers are pre-fabricated restorations that are prepared in the laboratory. When the dentist took an impression of the patient’s tooth that needs to be restored and sends it to the lab for processing, these veneers are directly attached to the teeth using a suitable bonding agent.
  3. Dental Crowns – Dental crowns serve as “tooth caps.” The dentist fabricated the tooth cap made in ceramic onto the surface of prepared teeth. The dental crowns are commonly used for the restoration of tooth anatomy and strengthening a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment.
  4. Bonding  Majorly used for Tooth filling the excessive gaps between teeth or restoring teeth after removal of tooth cavities.
  5. Cosmetic Gum Sculpting and Recontouring – Some people either have excess enlargement or undergrowth of gums. Both things look unaesthetic and to improve the facial appearance dentist re-attached the gums using lasers or various surgical procedures.
  6. Invisalign Orthodontic Aligners – Those people who are not happy with the unaesthetic metallic appearance for them virtually invisible clear aligners have been introduced. It can be worn just like a retainer. These aligners are better than dental braces and equally effective in achieving tooth movement and alignment.

When it comes to choosing the best toothpaste for you, it’s important to think about your unique oral health needs. Choose the one toothpaste that has fluoride.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars and starches that remain on your teeth after eating. Fluoride helps protect your teeth from the acid that is released when this happens. It does this in two ways. First, fluoride makes your tooth enamel stronger and less likely to suffer acid damage. Second, it can reverse the early stages of acid damage by rematerializing areas that have started to decay.

Hence, using fluoride toothpaste is an important way to ensure that your teeth are reaping the benefits of this dental-friendly mineral.

When the food sticks to your teeth, it tends to cause cavities. It’s a myth that people who eat a lot of sugar are highly prone to cavities. Well, that’s not true if you don’t brush your teeth properly, the bacteria start growing on your teeth, leading to cavities, which means no matter what you are eating, brushing properly is more important.