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Why India?

Why should an individual travel to India for Dental Treatments?

Certainly, there are two major reasons that make an individual look outside his/her country for dental healthcare. First, the place they reside probably has a high cost of dental treatments. Second, many countries don’t provide insurance when it comes to dental surgery, so to avoid bearing the higher cost, many people prefer to have their dental treatment in India; through this get also get a golden opportunity to explore this vibrant land.

Know More

What is Dental Tourism ?

In simple words, we can say a person is traveling across the international borders to get good–quality, and affordable dental or cosmetic treatment. And, what could be a better way of this, recovering from an ailment to combine with a peaceful vacation.

As the health care costs are growing these days rapidly, dental treatments have become a costly affair to manage, which makes the patients travel to India to get better quality of dental treatment. The cost of dental treatments in India is way less and much better than in other countries; a patient gets to enjoy an amazing experience if they choose Dental Clinic for their beautiful smile.

Get the best of both worlds, and travel to India for your dental treatments- a perfect way to renew your mind, body, and soul.

Words of advice that are traveling first time to India for Dental treatments:

It’s really important for the patients to do complete research before finalizing dental tourism.

Here a few important points to keep in mind are:

  • Ease of documentation – visa formalities, hotel booking documents and all.
  • Must carry the dental appointments documents and a number of the medical staff of the destination country
  • Familiar with the latest technology 
  • Must have the all-inclusive cost leaves savings, that is worth the travel
  • Make sure to check weather conditions beforehand for a memorizing vacation.
Why Choose Us

Why Ekdant Dental Clinic for Your Dental Treatments ?

We are one of the leading choices of many patients when it comes to getting dental treatments in India. We use advanced dental machines and offer the best dental services. The best of us is our office space and the doctors.

Our office staff manages to keep the place hygiene and do proper sterilization of chairs, dental instruments, and do check the body temperature of the patients. Now comes our doctor; they are specialized and have extensive knowledge; they understand the patient’s needs and provide them with the desired solution. Whether you want to have a root canal or cosmetic treatment, it will only be done by a specialist; the crown will be done by a crown specialist.

 Dental Clinic caters to all your needs. Our experienced and highly skilled team consists of professionals who are trained in a wide range of modern dental procedures. We promise you the time you step out of our clinic, and you will be more confident in yourself. A Beautiful Smile Can Do Wondrous.

Book your appointment today with Dental Clinic.

Difference of cost of dental treatment

Dental Clinic believes in offering its patients the best-in-class service. Our price of dental treatments like smile designing, metal-free bridge, dental implants, and root canal treatment is affordable and quite less as compared to other countries like Europe or America. All the dental treatments are done by our experienced and highly qualified dentists.

Our doctors hold a master’s degree in their field, which means the one who is a specialist in a particular field, will do the dental treatments. Bring your dazzling smile back with Dental Clinic.

Travel Surat

Dental Tourism in Surat

Located at the mouth of the Tipti River, Surat, Gujarat, is considered one of the established cities. Well connected by all means of transportation makes Surat a perfect place to spend your vacations. The city is calm, people are helpful, and you will get to visit many historical monuments that unfold the history of Surat.

Surat was awarded as the “Best City” by the Annual Survey of India’s City-Systems (ASICS) in 2013, also selected as the first smart IT city in India, which is being constituted by the Microsoft City Next Initiative tied up with IT services. That’s not all Surat, famous for its diamond cutting and polishing, is known as the Diamond City of India.

Our Dental Clinic is situated at the heart of the Surat. Our dental clinic is a modern and comfortable facility with a professional dental team who will take time to listen to your concerns, desired outcomes and provide you with high-quality dental care. Have any concerns related to dental treatment, call us or book an appointment today.